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Why Every Company Needs to Break the Rules

“I don’t break the rules, I merely test their elasticity.” Bill Veeck.

“Move fast and break things.” Mark Zuckerberg.

Two of the greatest innovators said it best.  They have inspired me to challenge the way the baseball business worked and break the rules in the process. From having players involved in the show, by dancing on the field, and going on dates with fans during games, to hiring break dancing base coaches and senior citizen dance teams, we’ve certainly tried it all.

We go against the traditions of baseball and challenge the status quo. For us, it’s not about wins and losses, it’s all about entertainment. We constantly ask what can we do next and how can we surprise our fans?

Being different and standing out has become a part of our DNA. It guides us in everything we do. We believe normal gets normal results and playing it safe is the quickest way to kill our company.

We don’t look at the competition and try to be a little better. We try to be the only.

What are you doing where you are the only one in your industry doing it? Better yet, what are doing where you are the only one doing it period.

We are in a “Me Too” world where most companies try to get a little bit better or faster or bigger.  This is a world without innovation. A world where complacency takes hold. Complacency is the highest cause of death for businesses.

How are you breaking the rules?

One of my favorite quotes is “Whatever’s normal, do the exact opposite.” Start with this mindset and start breaking things and challenging the way things have been done.

It’s time we stop thinking and start doing and try new things every day.

That is how you build something something that makes a difference.

And that’s worth talking about.