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Blog – Jump in the deep end and learn to swim

We’ve heard the cliche, reach for the moon and you’ll end up in the stars. We love talking about thinking big and being a dreamer. These success stories continually inspire us and lift us up.

The problem is that while we often talk big we very rarely act big. We are comfortable with taking baby steps. We’ve become a society that likes testing the waters first. We prefer to start with taking small steps into the shallow end. It’s more comfortable. Our body can slowly get used to the water.

However, the magic happens when you jump into the deep end. It’s here where we have to force ourselves to swim. It’s here where we are most uncomfortable. Our feet can’t touch the bottom.

It’s the uncertainty that forces curiosity and action. Not everyone ventures out into the deep end. But the deep end is where greatness happens.

I’ve always been a huge supporter of taking small steps constantly in business. But I believe in forcing myself every year to jump into the deep end, even when I’m not ready.

I’ve done this by buying new teams and entering new markets. I’ve done this with launching a podcast and writing a book. And I will continue to do this on an annual basis. This is where real growth happens, when you jump into uncharted territory. Its here where I’ve become a huge proponent of “doing and then learning.”

Learning to swim when I may not be 100% ready. The reality is we are never 100% ready. But we can never find out unless we jump in.

I get asked regularly how do you know when to go all in? My answer is simple: it comes down to belief. In your gut, do you believe in your next big step. Are you passionate about the venture? Will you put the work in when it’s hard? It comes down to believing in yourself and your action.

The reality is jumping into the deep end isn’t the same as jumping into the middle of the ocean. It’s just taking the jump and not following in the footsteps of everyone else.

We are in society that cherishes speed. We don’t have the luxury anymore of slowly taking the steps and testing the water. It’s the people who jump into the deep end that will be swimming before everyone else.

What’s holding you back from making the jump? The water is not as cold as it looks. And pretty soon, you’ll get used to it.

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