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Blog – Why Every Business Needs a Script

Every movie has a script. Every show has a script. All great movies and great shows have a perfectly crafted script. Every line, every scene, every sound and every movement is analyzed and selected on purpose.

The director wants you to feel a certain way and will go through great lengths to do that. They want to create strong emotion. And the best movies always seem to do that.

But how often do businesses create the same emotion? How often are you as a customer brought to tears because of a business?

The best businesses make this happen. It starts with why and knowing their purpose but it’s their script that makes it happen.

Steve Jobs would spend weeks preparing his product launch presentations. He had every word and visual perfected to create the best impact. These speeches became legendary and propelled Apple into the most profitable company in the world.

Scott Harrison’s Charity: Water fundraising galas have even gone a step farther by using virtual reality goggles to make the donors feel as if they are in Ethiopia. It was so powerful, that you could hear the viewers cry and then cheer as the families received clean water for the first time. Shortly after the experience, Charity: Water raised a record $2.4 million.

It was this emotional journey that made it possible.

Business is not about transactions. It’s about interactions. It’s about creating a connection between your people, your brand and your customers.

Why leave this connection to chance?

This would never be done in Hollywood so why let it happen with your business.

Spend the time writing the script.

It starts by picturing the perfect experience for your customer. How would they feel during and after interacting with your business. How can you put on a show for them?

The greeting when they walk in, the way you answer the phone, the way you thank them and say goodbye.

For every game we have a detailed script from the time the gates open to when the last fan leaves the ballpark. Almost every minute is scripted to create memorable moments throughout the night. From our players delivering roses to little girls in the crowd, to our entire team and staff honoring our veterans, to our dancing base coach dancing to “Single Ladies,” we map out how we want out fans to feel.

This continues even after the final pitch when we have our staff and players in uniform lined up thanking the fans as they leave the ballpark. We even take it to the next level and have our Bananas Pep Band playing popular songs so fans leave singing and dancing. It’s all part of our script.

If you were to write the script for your business, would you do it like everyone else? How would Hollywood write the script? Would your script win awards or be forgotten?

Think Big. Think Different. Think Special.

As Maya Angelo said “People may forget what you said, people may forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”