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Inspirational Idea – Help People Win

Help People Win – Quick story about a great philosophy.

Yesterday a gentleman named Jake Morton came to the ballpark to pick up tickets for his company’s group outing.  I walked up to the front of the office and immediately noticed his huge smile.  We shook hands and he proceeded to tell me how excited his group was to come to next week’s game.

He said he came to his first game last week (We even got a picture together) and said he smiled the entire time.  I appreciated the compliment but as we spoke I realized he seemed like the type of person that smiled all the time.  It was unbelievably contagious and we started talking more about the idea of having fun and loving life every day.

He shared with me that his life changed when he woke up one morning and realized what his purpose was.  He said it was simply to “Help People Win.”  Whether that’s business, in life or with just something simple during the day.

I was blown away by the simplicity of this mindset and the power of it.  Jake you helped me win yesterday as I went through the entire office sharing your “Help People Win” concept.  Now you are helping me win again today.

Smile, Have Fun, Don’t Take Life Too Seriously and Help People Win.   Hope you can do the same and win the day!