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Undercover Fan Recap & Notes 2018

Mission: To be the most fan-centric company and provide the best fan experience in the world.


Big Takeaway – We can never sit and talk with our fans enough.  I sat in about 15 different spots and just started conversations with fans. I heard about what they liked the most, their impressions of the Bananas and the team and what we could do better.  We should all sit with fans every game and take mental notes!


Arriving at the Ballpark

Arrived at 6:10 – Plenty of Parking behind the stadium and in the grass lot behind football field.

Went to grass lot and grass was not mowed, dirt paths were unkept and it was an underwhelming experience.  It was also a free for all with parking as we have no attendants in the lot.


*Suggestions for 2019

1.) Mark spaces in lot

2.) Add Park-a-Tainers – People that are dressed up as characters and dance and help our fans park.

3.) Add Music to Parking Experience – Possible Speaker System – to add energy


Walking up to Stadium

6:30 – Noticed Parking Penguins and they said “Enjoy the Game” – Need to change language to Enjoy the Show.  At this time the players were back on the field so we were just greeted by President Jared Orton outside the gate.  Good Energy coming in as the Band was playing on Stage in the Plaza.  Still need to look at setup of Band during the pre-show. Wondering if they should be playing more out towards fans as they walk in.  Banana ticket takers in banana costumes were fun and very welcoming.   First thing I noticed walking in was line for ID Station.  Not a great first sight to see a line – possibly look at new position for 2019.


*Suggestions for 2019

1.) Players need to be at Gate greeting fans until at least 7:00 but preferably until 7:15.  So many fans are missed because of later arriving crowds.

2.) Free Samples as fans walk in – could be drinks, popsicles, freeze pops, pralines, cookies – whatever but something that seems like a bonus.  Could get sponsored and be a cool added bonus to Fans.

3.) More Dancing when walking in – Maybe Darius or performers could create Dance Circle.

4.) Jugglers or other performers when people are walking in.



6:40 – 7:00

Energy in Stadium pregame is unreal. Shark playing “Let’s Go Music” into Banana Baby, Can’t Stop the Peeling Dancing, into Player Intro with Band on dugout is amazing.  Dancing Ball Boy – Adrian’s Dance was the best I’ve seen. Noticed kids playing catch in the outfield for VIP but they were playing catch with themselves and not the players. Need to make sure players are throwing with the kids!  Lion King Music should be louder and longer for Banana Baby.  Only half the crowd was standing for Intro – really need to get people up with more hype.


Noticed Usher Imani dancing and smiling during this time.  She was the only Usher that really looked like she was having fun.  This needs to be improved.


*Suggestions for 2019

1.) Ushers or Promo Staff are a part of hyping crowd up during this 15-minute pregame

2.) Drop Beach Balls from Catwalk for Can’t Stop the Peeling

3.) Dance Offs in the Crowd – Give Leis or Prizes

4.) Players in the Crowd and on Dugouts for Can’t Stop


Walking Around Concourse


Overall, very impressed with cleanliness of concourse and stadium. Very little trash on the ground. Noticed Keke pick up trash twice.  I believe a lot more staff walk over trash.   Only area I noticed needs to be really monitored for cleanliness is the condiment stations and popcorn area– I took pictures and it was mostly just ketchup and mustard on the table.  Also, there was a pile of boxes next to popcorn station.  Just details but they make a difference.


Went to Main Concessions Line and was just in line for 5 minutes.  Was very bored in line. Will offer suggestions later on how we can fix this.  Register people seemed very focused on their job and too serious.  They were getting people through fast but could look like they are having more fun.    I had French fries and burger – both were good but not amazing.  Later Emily had the French Fries and they were more cooked than mine and had more seasoning.  We need a consistent Operations Manual on how to cook everything the exact same and provide best possible product.


During the game the band played on the plaza.  I thought this was an awesome nice touch to keep energy going in the councourse during the game.



Went into both Male Restrooms during the game.  First Impression – Blown away by how refreshingly cold it was in there.  Adding AC was a great addition and it felt amazing.  The rest of the bathroom experience did not impress.  The floors were wet and there was some trash on the floors.  Toilet Times was cute but there were only a couple hung up.


*Suggestions for 2019

1.) Have Bathroom Attendants

2.) Set up table with mints, cold water and other nice amenities

3.) Have music in the bathrooms – No one wants to hear someone else going the bathroom.

4.) In Men’s Bathroom – add no farting signs – they are funny plain and simple

5.) Add good smelling stuff to bathrooms.



Top Deck Experience

Noticed a lot of people having fun and drinking in the top deck.  Looked more like a bar scene.  What could we add to make it more fun?  Music up there? Games?  Instead of people just standing and drinking – how can we make the top deck the place to be.



Show Notes

  • Hey Baby is unreal – the entire crowd gets into it.
  • Say Bananas Players and Not Bananas Dancers when introducing the player dance.
  • Dancing Like Darius – Finish with big move like Split or Somersault for contestant to do.
  • Seeing Ricky, Jared and Hayley dancing during the game was awesome – the more our staff, especially promo staff dances the better
  • The Song “Shout” should be played every game – it’s awesome for the fans.
  • Player Dance is electric – Wave should be moved to other inning during game for best participation



I watched him for 15 minutes and he picked up more than 10 bags of trash and smiled and high fived/fist bumped fans the entire time.  He should teach/train staff about smiling and having fun.  It was so inspiring to me!




Kids Zone

Sitting in the grandstands, I immediately noticed that our kids zone looks like an afterthought.  It’s set up way in the left field woods.  It doesn’t look inviting.  Nothing draws me over there.


*Suggestions for 2019

1.) Build Entrance or Arch to make it special to go over there.  Maybe small white fence to make it into Kids World

2.) Bring in Dirt or something to build it up higher so no issues with flooding.

3.) Add some new games and activities for kids.


Small Improvement Areas

  • Emily went to main stand to get French fries at 8:45 and the girl on the register was eating dippin dots as she took her order.
  • Emily was told a 5 minute wait for Fries at 8:45. The Fries were overcooked and overseasoned.  As I mentioned earlier, we need operations manual on how to cook everything to perfection.
  • Trashcans are still overflowing. Need more people making sure no trashcan ever overflows.
  • Staff being aware as they restock and carry waters on concourse. Often they would get in front of fans.  How can this be done where fans don’t notice?
  • Satellite station workers were counting money in a group as fans walked by. This group was often spending more time focused on talking and hanging out then focused on fans..



Suggestions for 2019: AWARDS


I think we should definitely set up awards for game day staff and possibly superlatives for staff. I’d love to have an Energy Award – which celebrates a person every night who has the most energy.  A Reginald “Smile” Award for whoever smiles the most.  Most Fun award for staff member who has the most fun.  We could also look at other Fans First Way Awards that go with our core beliefs like Caring, Different, Enthusiastic, Fun, Growing and Hungry.  Celebrate the behaviors we want to see!