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Create a Company Culture That’s Worth Talking About with Arnie Malham

Arnie Malham, founder of cj Advertising and, shares how to successfully change your corporate culture with the help and support of your employees.

Key Takeaways:

“The recognition [of your employees] is much more important than the reward.”

“The Problem is you! You are the leader of your culture and it can’t be wrong unless you’re wrong”

“Don’t tell people you’re going to change your culture, change your culture. Start making decisions where you trust people more. Create opportunities for them to grow. You create opportunities for them to fail. And you cheer for them.”

“The turtle wins the race…slow and steady wins. Be the turtle.”

“We have spent over $100,000 paying people to read and it is the best investment EVER in the history of educating and training your people.”

“Any companies most repeated process should be reminding their employees about their core values.”

About The Guest:

Arnie Malham is the founder of cj Advertising (the largest full-service brand-building agency in the country for personal injury law firms). He’s the creator of, a pay-to-read program for companies, thought leaders, business owners, and their employees. And author of “Worth Doing Wrong: The Quest To Build A Culture That Rocks”

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