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Michael Brooks – How to Design the Job You Love

Michael Brooks, the founder of South Magazine shares how left the 9-5 of selling furniture to building the award winning magazine.

Key Takeaways:

Get out of your comfort zone to succeed. Make an appointment with yourself to do something the scares you, that makes you uncomfortable.

Finding your niche of likeminded people. Human nature wants us to conform to people around us. The key is to
fly with the best and get in a different league. You need to be pushed to be around best people.

The importance of celebration. Michael shares how they celebrate every magazine release like it’s their baby being born. They create a huge event and get everyone involved to celebrate.

Listen to yourself. Don’t listen to the dream killers. Take chances, do what drives you.

Find something you think is cool and try to make it extraordinary.

Every great brand needs a great community behind it.

First impression can be your last impression.

What can you do today to not be forgotten?

Everything you do that’s worth doing, you invest in it and you do it consistently.

Keep consistently marketing your business. You have to feed your business.

Quit thinking about so many things, just dive in. Go against the grain.