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Blog – Is it Shareable?

In today’s age, if you were to simplify success in marketing, it comes down to one thing: is it shareable?

Everyone’s attention is on social media. And every platform has the share option. Because to many of us that is what’s most important. It’s social currency. If we share something cool or that brings value, it makes us seem cooler.

Marketers are still struggling with this concept. They are still putting out things that matter to them but that don’t matter to their audience. Or they may even matter a little but it’s not valuable enough to share.

Is it funny? Is it entertaining? Is it surprising? Unexpected? Does it teach us something that matters? Show us something new?

Think from your perspective. What have you shared in the past? This could even be back in the day when you forwarded an email. Why did you share that?

If people aren’t sharing your material, they don’t care enough about it. It doesn’t provide enough value.

But if they are sharing it, they care. They have ownership in your material because they are now putting it out there from them. It’s now coming from their profile.

Would your customers be proud to take ownership in your information?

Most marketers make their information way too salesy. This will not get shared. No one wants to get sold.

We want to seem cool. The key is to share what matters to your audience not what matters to you. If you can find the perfect marriage between the two, you win.

Next time you press publish or approve an ad just think will anyone share this?

It will change everything.