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Blog – Creative Magic of Craft Beer

I remember the first time I had craft beer like it was yesterday. It was in the fall of 2007 and I was invited to the Hickory Hops Festival. The first brewery I saw was Moon River Brewing Company out of Savannah, Georgia. I asked for the lightest beer and the owner handed me his “Moon River Wit.” My mind was blown. It was refreshing and absolutely delicious. For the rest of the beer festival, I felt like I was a kid in a candy store. I fell in love with craft beer that day.

Fast forward ten years later and I’ve hosted over 15 beer festivals at our stadiums. My wife and I even had our own beer brewed for our Wedding. Ole Dallas Brewery put together an amazing double IPA for me called JPA and the perfect Belgian Tripel called Em’s Triple Play.

Yes, some would call us beer snobs. But we were just in love. We found there was something better than generic domestic beer. And in our minds, it was a lot better.

The taste is one thing. But it’s the creativity that’s really opened my eyes to the craft beer revolution. This group flat out gets it. This group understands how to be different and stand out. They have “Yellow Tuxed” their industry.

We can all learn a lot from the craft beer industry by focusing on these three things.
The names. The styles. The designs.

These are the 3 main ways Craft Beer has Yellow Tuxed the Beer Industry.

1.) The Names of Beer
Duck Duck Gooze, Sweet Baby Jesus,
Hopsecutioner, Hoppy Ending, Smooth Hoperator, Citra Ass Down, Ryan and the Gosling, Total Eclipse of the Hop.

These are just a few of the unbelievably unique names in craft beer. Brewers are constantly trying to think outside the box in naming their beers.

They want to have fun with the name but also grab attention. They continue to win this category.

2.) The Flavors of Beer

Taking it a step further, brewers are always trying new flavor combinations.

Pizza in a beer? Why not? Mama Mia has tried it by using an entire margarita pizza to brew it.
How about doughnuts and bacon? Why, of course! Rogue ale put together this “healthy” brew.
We can’t forget about chocolate chip cookie dough. Ben and Jerry’s and New Belgium teamed up to make this dessert beer.

Every day Brewers are trying new combinations. The weirder the better.

3.) The Designs of their Cans and Bottles

Next time you go to grocery store, go to the beer aisle. First check out the domestic beers, the bud lights, miller lites, etc. Now walk over to the craft beer section. It’s a whole new world. It’s like giving someone glasses for the first time.

The colors, the designs, the drawings. I truly believe some of the best artists work for the craft breweries. It’s amazing the details that go into these designs.

I could walk up and down this aisle looking at the artwork of every single beer.
When I do this I usually ask myself what stands out and why?

Even the least eye catching beer still stands out over the typical domestic beers.
Between the names, the flavors and the designs these guys nailed it.

When thinking about your brand, how can you make your name, flavors and design stand out? How can you make people talk about you? It just takes the ability to out-think not out-spend which I’ll discuss in the next blog.

There’s always an opportunity to be more creative.

Now I thought I heard it all when it comes to beer names. And then I went to Wooden Robot Brewery in Charlotte. The two most popular beers are “What She’s Having” and “What He’s Having.”
As I made my decision, I said “I’ll have what she’s having.” My new favorite beer of the night.

Get More Notes To Stand Out Here from Jesse Cole – The Yellow Tux Guy:

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