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Blog – Go Deep During the Holidays

Most people live on the surface. We ask questions like “How was your day” and we talk about the weather. We often complain or brag about how busy we are. We talk about the things we have to do and the things we’ve done.

But rarely do we engage in deep meaningful conversations. I believe this is where life happens and where fulfillment lies.

How many conversations have stood out in your life? Conversations you can think back to right now that have truly had an impact on your life.

My guess is that you’ve had very few. The reason is simple: true human connection is hard. It’s easy to live on the surface with others. It’s easy to think about yourself. But it’s hard to care enough about others to go deep on what really matters.

It comes down to the questions we ask in life. It’s the curiosity and fascination in others that drives the meaningful questions.

Dan Miller, the author of 48 Days to the Work You Love recently shared with me that it’s better to ask questions like, “How are you making the world a better place” as opposed to “What do you do?” I couldn’t agree more, as at least this question would make us think.

One of my favorite quotes is “Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.” But how can you have fulfillment without human connections?

We all have a fear of going deep. It’s uncomfortable for many of us as it’s uncharted territory. It’s scary because the deeper we go, the closer we get to finding our authentic self. The truth is that many of us aren’t ready to see it.

But the journey to find your why is worth it. The journey to building stronger human connections is worth it. The journey for ultimate fulfillment is worth it.

It just starts with the right questions. What are you asking today?