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What Makes You Different?

To have a successful business that lasts you need to be able to answer this one question. What makes you different?

Ask any entrepreneur or business owner this question and you will get similar answers.

You will hear how they provide a better product, better solutions or a better value. You will very rarely hear the word Only.

Only is different.

Most companies are constantly competing to be better. I would agree that better is different.

But the key is in the starting point. Start with a vision on how you can be different. Then work to become better.

Different is a game changer. Different is memorable. To succeed you need to get people’s attention. You need people talking about you. People don’t talk about things that are normal. People love talking about things that are different.

It’s simply a better conversation.

The best companies are on a quest for continuous improvement. I’m on a quest for continuous differentiation.

If you make everything different, you stand out. If you stand out, you can make an impact. For me, that’s all that matters. For me, it’s not being different for different’s sake. It’s about making life more interesting and more memorable. For me, The status quo is boring. I believe we weren’t born to fit in, we we were born to stand out.

My energy and drive to stand out and do things differently is what makes me different.
This. This is how I see the world. This is what drives my business. This is what guides my decisions. This is what makes everything else clear.

What makes you different?