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126: Pat Mussieux – Coaching Good Habits and Successful Relationships

Pat Mussieux is an award-winning author, coach and speaker. For four years in a row, she’s captivated her audiences to be named the Stevie winner as Female Entrepreneur of the Year in Canada. Pat helps entrepreneurs go from overwhelm to over quota by setting goals and cultivating relationships.

“Every entrepreneur needs a coach, no one can do this alone.” – Pat Mussieux

Goal Setting

Pat works backward for goal setting since most entrepreneurs don’t know how to set a goal. She asks her clients to ask what they are tolerating now. Is it a messy house, a closet full of clothes that don’t fit or a messy car?

“Feed yourself first” – Pat Mussieux

Reverse it! Commit to making your bed every morning, develop the habit and move on. You develop a number one success habit. The first hour of every day should focus on revenue-generating activities for yourself.

Feed Yourself First

Pat Mussieux has 6 non-negotiables every day to take care of herself so she can, in turn, take care of her business. She feeds the body with food, hydration, exercise, meditation, she ends her day with her gratitude journal and gets 8-10 hours of sleep per night. These habits ensure she brings her best game to her business.

“You build the relations and the revenue will take care of itself.” – Jesse Cole

Revenue Generating Activities

Gratitude and appreciation go a long way when you are cultivating contacts and friends and clients. Pat sends thank you notes. She connects with key leaders on social media after events or connections. Pat shares feedback of what she learned and how she is going to implement that knowledge.

Revenue Generating Events

There are right ways and wrong ways to plan and promote an event. It happens a lot, you create an event and promote the heck out of it and only a few people come. There are so many events out there but unless it’s exciting and fresh there can be event fatigue.

Final Four

1. What have you done differently in your life to stand out?

“Be true to myself. I have no fear of speaking about my fears, I’m genuine, I’m a risk taker and I am fun”

2. What makes someone stand out in business or in life?

“Be consistent. Too many entrepreneurs try one thing and then another. Pick one thing, get good at it and be consistent.”

3. What’s the best advice you’ve received?

“Lou Tice said it best, ‘If it’s to be it’s up to me.’”

4. How do you want to be remembered?

“I want to be remembered by my life’s mission statement, to come from truth, love more and build a community of love around me.”

To hear what Pat Mussieux has to say next about taking your business to the next level, and a little ‘Truth or Dare’ with Jesse Cole, download and listen to Pat Mussieux Coaching Good Habits and Successful Relationships.

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