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Darren Jacklin Building Success Through Relationships 127

Darren Jacklin is a world-class professional speaker, corporate trainer, investor and philanthropist. He’s gone from his childhood business, ‘Rent-A-Kid’  and today he owns private islands. Darren opens up with Jesse about his tumultuous youth, eventual homelessness, near-death experiences and how he’s overcome those obstacles to be where he is today.

“Life lessons are blessings in disguise.” – Darren Jacklin

Darren Jacklin Proving Himself

Darren has always felt the need to prove his self-worth to others. He was driven internally by his ego and arrogance to really strive to be something better. He was put down by the school system and labeled by people as crazy.

“I took massive action…I knocked on doors and learned how to cold call. That built my self-confidence, getting rejected.” – Darren Jacklin

His first steps were to see a therapist, hire coaches and join a mastermind group. Darren had to take an inside look at himself and determine if he was an attractive person because the person you are attracts success.

School vs. Life Experiences

It wasn’t about going to school to be a successful person. For Darren it was about the journal of his journey that got him to where he was. Today schools teach you to create a resume or curriculum vitae (CV) as your means to landing a job.

“Success is not something you go out into the world and pursue; success is something you attract by something you become.” -Darren Jacklin

In the real world, companies do their due diligence. They research candidates online and they look at your public profiles on the various social media platforms. Companies want to know what type of a human being you are.

It’s surprising to know that if you have a large following, companies look at you as a good candidate. You become their brand ambassador to your followers and connections.

Flip the Script

Jesse, what is the greatest experience you have had so far wearing your yellow tuxedo and hat?

“It was when I proposed to my wife in front of a sold-out stadium, in the yellow tuxedo, stopped the game…in the eighth inning, dropped to a knee in front of 4000 people. I had the ring inside a baseball…she said yes and fireworks go off in the stadium and we delayed the game for like 25 minutes. The players were wondering if they were ever going to play again. No matter how many sellouts and wins, that moment I will never forget.

Final Four

What have you done differently in your life to stand out?

1. Achieving massive action. Getting attention in a way that is serving perspective. Instead of thinking what is in it for me, I try to find how I can add value.”

2. What makes someone stand out in business or in life?

“You’re either memorable or forgettable. So be a go-getter. Build personal relationships.

3. What’s the best advice you’ve received?

“Set goals and write out a plan”

4. How do you want to be remembered?

“Someone who cared and someone who made a difference and someone who pays the rent through philanthropy and humanitarian services.”

To hear the rest of what Darren has to say, download and listen to Darren Jacklin Building Success through Relationships 127.

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