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120: Shep Hyken – Learn The Secrets To Amaze Any Customer

“What I found out is that feedback gave me two things: #1, it validated that I did a good job and could ask for more business. And #2, after asking for feedback, my dad said, ‘find out what tricks they liked the most…my goal was to find out what tricks they didn’t notice and to pull those out.”

“When hiring, Hyken asks potential hires to come to the store a little before the interview, walk around the store and take note of what they think can be improved. It’s a great way to get feedback.”

“How do I make it easy for my customer to buy from me…Why are my [products] different, why is my service different?”

“I think no matter what industry you’re in, just take a look at the friction points. How can you make the process easier for the customer?”

“The last impression makes a lasting impression”

“The best stat in the world comes from customer behavior. Do they come back? And if so, how often? That’s the stat you want to measure.”

“Fine in business is an acronym:

F stands for Fake smile.

I stands for Insincere feedback.

N stands for Never coming back.

E stands for an Emotionless response.”

“Bud said to me, if you’re going to get into the speaking business, your job isn’t doing the speech, it’s getting the speech…In every business you think ‘We’re in the manufacturing business!’ Well you may be in the manufacturing business, but if you don’t have customers buying whatever it is you manufacture, you’re not in business.”

“On your tombstone, it’s not your born date or your death date that’s important… what’s important is what happened in the dash.



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