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121: Steve Sims – How To Create Win-Wins

Steve is the visionary founder of Bluefish: the world’s first luxury concierge that delivers the highest level of personalized travel, transportation, and cutting-edge entertainment services to corporate executives, celebrities, professional athletes, and other discerning individuals interested in living life to its fullest. 


“Surround yourself with good people and you’re a combination of those. If all your friends are d***heads, guess which you are?” 

“I was trying to be a value to this group…so that I could then ask for a job, but before you knew it I became the guy to go to when you need travel access, events or maybe something that they couldn’t get…I was their guy.” 

“Never ask a question that can end up in a no. No one likes to be sold or bought. NOBODY. And the richer you are, the further from that…SO you have to get them into the passion and then ask for the next steps. ‘What needs to happen next?’” 

“The good thing about a win-win is you can milk that cow forever…If you create a win-win there’s value in that.” 

“People don’t want what they can afford, they want what they can’t get.” 

“The key element of exclusivity is it breeds desire and desire has no intelligence behind it. If you can get someone to desire something, you’re working on a different part of their brain cells. And they’re not working on facts now, they’re not working on reason, desire overtakes all of that.” 

“If someone says no, I’m asking the wrong person. No is not a roadblock.” 

“You know so many people don’t ask questions now? …How can you be amazing if you don’t know the bloody details?” 


What have you done differently in your life to stand out? 

I refuse to be anybody else. 

What makes someone stand out in business or in life? 

Stop trying to copy everyone else. I notice that when people start doing an internet business, they buy a hoodie and a pair of pants. They try to be the perception, the look, the feel, the vibe. NO! Be You. It’s what identifies you as being unique to anyone else. Unlearn the words humiliation and embarrassment. They don’t exist! They don’t exist. No one ever drowned by falling in the water. They drowned by staying there. So stop worrying about anyone else, stop worrying about falling over. Just keep going.

What’s the best advice you’ve received? 

No one ever drowned by falling in the water, they drowned by staying there.

How do you want to be remembered? 

He did what he said he was gonna do.


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