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119: Anthony Witt – Standing Out By Thinking Bigger

Businessman and startup coach, Anthony Witt has helped many individuals transition from being a full-time employee to becoming an entrepreneur. He thoroughly enjoys helping people move from simply existing to truly living. Having personally made the transition from employee to entrepreneur more than one time, Anthony has learned how to navigate the important areas of life to live a life of purpose. 

Anthony currently holds interest and leadership roles in a residential commercial real estate flipping company, a school fundraising company, personal mastermind groups and an individual coaching program as well as a marriage enrichment company that he runs with his wife. He has also begun to hold mentor, leadership, and equity positions with clients. 

“I want to talk to the people who are listening…I want to serve the people that are here.” 

“I think it’s all about testing…You gotta figure that out. Who do I like to work with, who do I enjoy being around, and who can I really add value to?” 

“If you are a solo-entrepreneur or even a small team of 2 or 3, you have got to get out to conferences…You can’t be in business for yourself and not do that.” 

“If you never leave life where you are, you’ll never live the life you are destined for.” 

“Until you have something worth dying for, you really don’t have something worth living for.” 

“If you’re just stagnant where you’re at, you’re never getting there. You’re never getting towards that life that you want to live. Because you’re just existing where you’re at…If you’re not moving forward, you’re going backward.” 


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