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104: Jeff McManus – Grow Leaders You Can Be Proud Of

Jeff McManus is the Author of “Growing Weeders Into Leaders” and the director of landscape services at Ole Miss, where he has won 5 “National Championships in Landscaping” including being named “The Best Beautiful Campus” by USA Today.

Key Takeaways:

“The key for any leader… is to get engagement and you need to ask questions even when you know the answers.”

“Don’t let the weeds in your head, stop you from leading yourself to success.”

“There are no small jobs. Every job is important. Every job is vital.”

“Create an environment and a culture where raises and promotions aren’t based on seniority, they’re based on results and based on attitude.”

“G.R.O.W. Greatness. Resiliency. Opportunity. Wisdom.”

“Lead yourself well…Be the person who’s solution oriented. Most leaders and managers are looking for people who solve problems.”

“You won’t be happy if you’re continually striving and not content with what you have.”

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