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Yellow Tux Book Excerpt – Forget Customer Satisfaction and Exceeding Customer Expectations

Drop the Jargon

You want to know another thing I like about fun? It’s the opposite of jargon and empty marketing language that doesn’t actually mean anything.

You ever see those companies that love to say they satisfy customers and exceed expectations?

You ever stop to think about what that actually means?

As soon as you tell people you exceed expectations, you don’t. That’s a promise you can’t live up to. Your fans will always be expecting something slightly better because you told them that you’re better than they expected.

The same thing goes for customer satisfaction. What does that even mean?

If you’re a business, why do you merely want to satisfy a customer? As a customer, why do you want to be merely satisfied? Do you ever come home and tell your spouse you had a satisfying day?

Satisfaction is average. It’s not fun. All it means is that you did enough for your customers not to complain.

The companies that use language like this—customer satisfaction and exceeding expectations—end up chasing data points on a spreadsheet. As soon as you’re committed to customer satisfaction, you’re committed to customer satisfaction surveys.

And where is the fun in a customer satisfaction survey? Has anyone ever had a good time filling one out?

Forget the surveys. Do a great job, make fun a priority, and your fans will find plenty of ways to let you know.