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What’s Your Scoreboard?

With sports it’s easy, whoever has the most runs, points, goals, etc wins. With school it’s easy as everything is graded and you are ranked. With business though, it’s not as clear.

If you were to ask most people at work, what’s their scoreboard, they would have no clue. Yes, salespeople have a general idea about their sales goals and quota but do they really know their scoreboard.

As a business leader, your job is to set clear goals and expectations. You need to establish a scoreboard for not only the year but for every day.

Winners can’t win if they don’t know what game their playing. Winners can’t win if they don’t have a scoreboard. Business is a game and great leaders have a scoreboard.

Winners like to compete. Whether it’s against others or with themselves.

Do you know what your competing against?
Do you know how you can win today?

How do you set up a scoreboard?
The challenge is that everyone wants different things. Certain scores and competitions matter differently for every person.

Can a business have one main scoreboard and individuals have other ones? I’m not sure.

I do know that to achieve anything big, everyone needs to be focused on one main goal.

Facebook, arguably one of the fastest growing companies of our time was focused solely on people and connecting the world. They had the number of people on Facebook displayed in front of the entire company.

It’s key here to understand that Facebook didn’t have revenue as their scoreboard. It’s proven that money does not drive people after a certain level. Impact and purpose is what inspires.

So as a business, how do you set up one main scoreboard that has nothing to do with revenue?

Can you make your big goal solely about people like Facebook?

I’d argue emphatically, Yes.

Money and revenue is a byproduct of people. If you impact more people, the money will take care of itself.

So set up your big scoreboard in front of everyone. Make sure to make it clear and simple of what we are all chasing.

That’s how you win the game.

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