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One Minute Blog – Your People Are Your Product

One Minute Blog – Your People Are Your Product.

Your product is only as good as the people that deliver it.

Every year companies are focused on improving their product. Whether it’s adding a version 2.0, new services, or enhanced features, it’s all about the continuous improvement of their products. But how often do companies focus on the next and better version of their people?

What if companies focused as much time on improving their people as they do their products? What if the goal of leaders was the constant development of their people to be the best version of themselves?

This shift can transform businesses but most importantly transform leaders. I believe leaders’ success should be measured by their ability to develop great leaders.

What would it look like to focus on people over product?

Connecting more with your people on their personal goals. Laying out a personal development plan. Holding your people accountable. Pushing them to get uncomfortable as they grow. Encouraging them to read, learn and ask more questions. Giving them new responsibilities. Letting them solve problems. Having them teach you what they are learning. Challenging them to think differently.

If more companies treated their people as their product, they would never stop growing.