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One Minute Blog – How to get people to line up to work for you

Do you have a waiting list of people wanting to work for your company?

Do they want to work there badly enough that they’ll take less than standard wages or even offer to work for free to prove themselves?

These questions were asked by the Harmon Brothers, in the book from Poop to Gold sharing the marketing magic of the Harmon Brothers.

This is a great question all businesses should ask. At Fans First Entertainment, we’ve developed a waiting list in the thousands for tickets to Bananas games.

However, we do not have a waitlist of people that want to work for our company.

We’ve learned that our best employees have started as interns and worked for college credit. They showed how much they cared and wanted to be a part of the Fans First experience. They worked long hours and put in the time and effort to learn what Fans First was all about. The majority of our team is now made of these interns who have grown in our organization.

How do you create an environment where people are fighting to be a part of it?

It’s not just about offering perks. It’s about a creating a culture where people can be themselves, where they can have fun and have purpose. It’s giving people the opportunity to grow. As one of our people said recently, they just want to feel like they matter.

Our job as leader is to make people feel like they matter.

If you focus on what matters most, word will spread. You may have to be one spreading it at first. But over time, the stories will make an impact and reach the right people.

Nothing matters more than making people feel like they matter.