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One Minute Blog – Getting Your Team To Care

Getting Your Team To Care

It’s not the employees’ responsibility to care, it’s the leaders job to give them a reason to care.

The wrong question leaders are asking is “Why don’t our employees care?” The reason is simple: Your people don’t care because you haven’t touched their heart. You haven’t given them purpose. You haven’t shared and demonstrated what it’s like to care.

When I first started in the Industry, I thought that they just don’t care like I do. At the time, I was probably right. The question I should have been asking myself was do I care for them like I do the business?

We as leaders need to ask specifically what do want our team to care about? Then we need to model that behavior. We need to talk about it every single day and most importantly we need to demonstrate it.

Core Values and Mission are the buzz words in business. But how often are they talked about in the office? Are they discussed every day? Are stories shared that embody the values and mission?

1. Be clear on what you care about

2. Talk about what you care about all the time

3. Demonstrate what you care about to them and customers

4. Listen to what your employees care about

5. Help them with what they care about

If you want your team to care, you need to care about them.