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Jon Vroman – Make Moments Meaningful | Ep. 150

Jon Vroman founded the Front Row Foundation with the vision to help create life-changing moments for people in need. A motivational speaker, he shares the same language as Jesse Cole. He believes in the power of moments, putting people first and making these moments daily.

Jon is the author of the bestselling book, The Front Row Factor.

“How can I consciously create, experience and celebrate the meaningful moments of life?” – Jon Vroman

Jon Vroman – Turning Now into Wow

Front Row helps people have the front row experience of things they’re passionate about. In turn, they treat other people by creating meaningful moments for them.

“We’re trying to be moment makers. We’re trying to turn any situation into something more meaningful. We say that we bring meaning to moments. We say that we turn now into wow.” – Jon Vroman

Experiencing and Celebrating Life

People create meaningful moments that they look into as some source of hope and celebration in the future. When people use the power of future possibilities that spring from the now, they can grab hold of what then becomes the past.

By experiencing life as it happens now and holding some gratitude for the now, people can celebrate more of life today.

“We don’t know how much time we all have. We live in gratitude. We live in amplifying the good so that we could silence what sometimes is not as good.” – Jon Vroman

Final Four

1. What have you done to stand out in business and in life?

“It’s taking an interest in people.”

2. What would you tell people to stand out in business and in life?

“Add value, be observant, show up and be an owner of something.”

3. Best advice you’ve ever received.

“Help other people along the way. Be a great person for other people.”

4. How do you want to be remembered?

“As somebody that was kind, that was thoughtful, that showed up for people every day.”

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