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Don Yaeger – What Makes Great Performers Stand Out | Ep. 152

Don Yaeger is an award-winning keynote speaker and 11-time bestselling author. His books are among the best ones for building a successful culture. Today, he discusses the habits and DNA that set great teams apart.
“While profit is an important piece of your road map, it cannot be the only map that tells you whether you are hitting the right treasure or not.” – Don Yaeger

The Great Team Concept

Don retired from Sports Illustrated 10 years ago. In the process, he began sharing his knowledge on individual high performance to organizations and companies. This he learned from working with some of the champions like Michael Jordan, John Wooden, Walter Payton.
He was often hired by Microsoft. One interesting question he received was, “Why are some teams regularly relevant and successful when most teams rise and fall?”
“Players just react differently when you intentionally speak to them.” – Don Yaeger

What Team Excellence Requires

Since Don had access to a lot of teams, he decided to list them down and to glean over their mechanics. In the next 5 years, he traveled across North America and visited 110 teams.
He found that high performing teams possess a unique set of communications skills. What takes teams to the top does not necessarily take them to another summit. The challenging part is sustaining excellence throughout.

Final Four

1. What is one thing you’ve done to stand out in business and in life?

“Learn to become a better storyteller.”

2. What is your piece of advice to someone who is just starting out?

“Selling will be an important piece of what will become your success, so learn how to sell.”

3. Best advice you have ever received?

“John Wooden talking to me about doing a regular measurement of the people I give my time to and making sure that I was surrounding myself with people who are headed in the right direction and not just randomly giving my time to anybody who asks.”

4. How do you want to be remembered?

“If at the end of the day I get to be a good dad, I’m good.”

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