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Does Your Experience Pass The 40 Hour Test?

Does your experience pass the 40 hour test?

This past summer, after the second game of the season, a man approached me to thank me for the fun he had at the game. I thanked him for coming and then he proceeded to share that, he and his wife and three kids drove 40 hours from Utah to come to this one Bananas Game and that they were driving back tomorrow.

I was shocked. He and his family did what?

Thankfully he shared that the game and experience was everything they hoped it would be!

I shared this story with our team after the game. We always say, “Every game is someone’s first game.” But we don’t often talk about the time and effort some people take to come to our games.

It was a proud moment for me and the team. But it also brought a ton of responsibility and accountability for our experience. Do we deliver an experience that is worth a 40 hour drive?

How long would you wait for your product and experience? What are you doing that makes it worth waiting for?

Moving forward, I hope our team never takes for granted the 40 hours this one family drove to see the Bananas.

Every moment counts, every interaction counts, every detail of the experience counts. You never know where your fans are coming from.