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Would You Be A Fan Of Your Company?

I recently heard Simon Cowell on Oprah Winfrey’s masterclass share how he discovers talent.

“On my shows, I base everything on, I like it. I don’t like it. I’m bored. I’m not.”

“I’m not going to say I think older people will like it, I think kids will like it, I just go, I like it and that’s good enough for me. I don’t guess.”

“I can’t force myself to laugh, I can’t force myself to cry, I can’t force myself to like something.”

He believed that If he likes it, there’s chances other people will like it.

I believe that simple philosophy may be the greatest way to build a business that people will love.

Be your own customer. What product and experience are you looking for?

Think with your heart and not your head. What makes you respond emotionally.

For me, I hate being bored. I can’t stand it and will seek out anything that keeps my attention and keeps me entertained.

I love being lost in an experience. When I’m at concerts, show or any live act with performers, I am in my element.

What’s your happy place?

How can you create those emotions in your business?

With our baseball team I’m constantly asking, What’s something I would want to be a part of? What’s something I would want to watch?

What could we create that I could sit down and watch and enjoy? What would Baseball game look like where I don’t get bored and want to pull out my phone?

What would a baseball game look like where I could sit and watch an entire game and not think when it will end? How can we create a game that is so entertaining that we lose track of a time?

Imagination drives innovation. Imagine your perfect experience with your business. Not what would be perfect for others. What would be perfect for you.

I believe creating a remarkable business starts with asking these questions. First, by looking at the parts you love that bring out your positive emotions. Next, look at the things that frustrate you. For me, that will always be boredom.

At our games, we go undercover. We call it undercover fan. We park with the fans, stand in lines with fans, sit with the fans and watch with the fans.

Every season I do this, it’s absolutely eye opening.

I take notes during the game on how I’m feeling as a fan.

When do I get bored during the game? Why am I bored? What’s happening in the ballpark? What could we do differently to make it more exciting?

I also often think about what the game would look like where I’m so engaged I have to watch and I feel like I can’t miss a moment.

For me, that’s the complete opposite of boredom – my arch nemesis.

Every day, I’m now asking how can I create something I like and can fall in love with.

How can I make the games faster, more exciting and create more unbelievable moments?

How can I develop more performers, and have more showmanship and celebration in the game?

How can I add non-stop fun, laughter and ridiculous to the experience.

It may not be for everyone. But I’d like it. That just may be enough.

For information on the Savannah Bananas Fans First Experience Workshops check out Bananas For Business.