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11 Business Lessons I’ve Learned From My One Year Old

In the past year, our 1-year old Maverick learned how to crawl, walk and talk. For over a year, we watched him fall, get up and mumble his way to saying words. He still has a wobble to his step and most words aren’t clear, but he’s on his way.

Every day he learns something new and also has to overcome something new, from climbing stairs, putting on his shoes and taking off his bib. All of which, he is doing now with varying levels of success.

More than anything, I’ve been learning things from him.

Here are the top lessons Maverick has taught me to be successful in business.

 1. Always be curious

Open every drawer, look out every window.  Opportunities for fun and activities are everywhere if you stay curious.

2. To be your best, you need to get rest 

When Maverick sleeps through the night, he is happier the next day. And after a solid nap, he’s in the best mood.

3. If something smells funky, it’s time to change the diaper

In business, if something doesn’t sit right and feels off, it’s time to make a change.  Red flags never go down and stinky diapers never start smelling like roses.

4. When you fall, get up and just keep going

You are going to fall once in awhile.  Sometimes you will get knocked down and sometimes you will be running so fast you fall, but the key is to get up and keep going.  It’s okay to cry every so often but wipe the tears and keep moving.

5. Greet everyone you meet with enthusiasm

Maverick wakes up and runs to hug either Mama or Dada or the grandparents if we are at their house.  It’s the best way to be greeted and brings up the entire room.   I’d like to greet everyone the way Maverick greets people.

6. Find the joy in everything

Whether it’s watching airplanes, big trucks, or horses, Maverick could sit and watch and enjoy something so common to us but so extraordinary to him.

7. Don’t be afraid to say No

No has become Maverick’s favorite word but he simply does not do things he’s not interested in.  In Business, we often say “Yes” too quickly and don’t share our real feelings.

8. Don’t care what people think

Maverick dances with his butt out, let’s snot run down his face while playing, and will make the neigh sound of a horse no matter what the situation. He is not afraid of the judgement.

9. If it’s fun ask for more

Maverick has learned the more sign from sign language.  Whether we are on the swing set, watching Spirit on TV or tickling each other, if he’s having fun, he’ll always ask for more.  Often at work, we may be having fun and then stop and think we have to go to work.  Maverick asks for more fun and it always leads to our best days.

10. Constantly experiment

Could a plunger be used as a baseball bat?  How do crayons taste?The more you experiment, the more you learn.  Maverick learns so much every day because he constantly tests and tries new things.   How much could we learn daily in business if we took on the same mindset?

11. Spread the love

Maverick is constantly hugging, kissing and blowing kisses.  While blowing kisses in the workplace might not always be appropriate,  I do believe love should be talked about more.  However you can share it and spread it and let people know how you feel, it will always go a long way!

The happiness, curiosity and excitement Maverick brings daily lights me up. What if we all approached life the same way? What if we all woke up smiling, greeted everyone we met with enthusiasm, and brought curiosity to trying new things. Yes, sometimes we fail. Sometimes we fall. But what if we kept getting up, kept trying, and stayed excited to take on the day.

It would be amazing what we all accomplish.