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113 – Jared Angaza – The Future of Branding

“If you want people to come to you as a coach, if you want them to come to you to buy this product… you have to understand what they’re motivated by, you have to understand the way their mind works.”

“Today, a brand is a crafted experience. It is a language that you speak…it is a relationship that hopefully leads to an audience that are going to be your brand ambassadors.”

“You don’t have to have a brand to have a successful business….but if you want to create an Apple type of experience, [then you’re going to need a specific and concise message].”

“How people do anything is how they do everything.”

Jared’s formula for how to find your why: “Imagine that years from now you’re business is wildly successful and the news is interviewing you because you’re such a big success. What are you telling them? What’s happened there? What’s the brand culture like? The family that runs it? The staff that runs it? What do people experience? Are they happy?…What do you want your impact to be?”

“Branding, in general, has a lot to do with care. Period.”

“If you want to create a great brand, build it in hopes of creating that experience every time for the customer.”

“You don’t even get a seat at the table. You have to create attention first…How do [you] get people’s attention, hold it, and then (here’s the clincher) do something good with it?”

“People will forget the things that you did. They’ll forget the things that you said. But they’ll always remember the way that you made them feel. Maya Angelou.”