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112: Barry Moltz -Quick Ways to get Unstuck

“The biggest problem people have is that they only do marketing when they have no sales. And then as soon as they have sales, they get busy and they stop doing marketing. You have to put together some kind of systematic marketing process where you’re always doing marketing even when you’re busy with sales so your pipeline always stays full.”

“A lot of folks want to build this great product and then think if I build this great product [customers] will come…it just doesn’t happen. You have to go to customers and see if they’ll actually buy something…I try to convince a customer to buy something first and then I’ll build it.”

The ABC Strategy from Barry’s new book Small Business Hacks: 100 Shortcuts To Success – How to get a potential client to respond to your emails:

“Please respond A, B, or C. A – I’m busy, please get back to me in a month. B – I’m no longer interested. C – Call me right away.”

“What small business owners are really bad at is figuring out how much cash they have on hand.”

“Your small business plan should fit on the back of a napkin. You should be able to summarize what your business is all about, what pain you solve, and who you solve that pain for…because people will pay more for painkillers than they will for vitamins.”

“Somewhere along the line, the universe tells you that you have to reinvent yourself, because what you’ve been doing for a really long time isn’t working.”