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The Future of the Savannah Bananas

I get asked regularly, “What’s next for the Savannah Bananas?”

Our vision is clear; to bring Fans First to the world. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

We believe people deserve a better experience in sports and in business. We believe people deserve to be treated like they matter. We believe people deserve more fun. We believe the normal way of doing it just doesn’t cut it anymore. So, we will continue to look at ways to challenge the status quo on what the perfect experience looks like for fans. This leads us on our mission to bring our Fans First Way all over the world.

Here’s how we will do it:

  1. Make the Bananas experience in Savannah the most fun sporting experience in the world and attract fans from all over the globe.
  2. Teach the Fans First Way to businesses and sports teams with Fans First U. This includes live workshops, speeches, articles, books and podcasts.
  3. Take the Bananas Show on the Road In true Globetrotters style, we will travel to different cities bringing our players, characters and unique form of fun and entertainment.

Everything starts with #1. Grayson Stadium in Savannah is our laboratory and the Bananas are our guinea pig. We will continue to test new ideas, promotions and characters to improve the experience for fans. Nothing is off limits. Every show is a test.

We see what we have as a giant hot dog stand. We have become great with the condiments; the promotions, the characters and parts of the show. We can and will still adjust and add new condiments. But the hot dog, baseball, still needs work. We will continue to look at ways to make the game faster, better and more exciting.

Fans First U is our opportunity to teach what we do and involve our entire team in the process. This allows us to walk the talk, live our brand and continue to improve the Fans First Way. With Fans First U, we will enhance our systems and processes to deliver a great experience for both our fans and our people. In addition to helping us grow, it will help outside businesses grow and provide best in class experiences for their customers.

Taking the Show on the Road is the final step. We believe more people and more cities deserve the Bananas Fans First experience. Every family deserves baseball the way it was meant to be with non-stop fun for all. Unfortunately, that is not available and it’s needed. We believe in bringing people together and bringing more fun than they’ve ever imagined. To do this, the only option is to bring the show to them. Our ability to create a following and demand in other cities, will dictate when it’s time for us to start.

We believe in playing the long game and focusing on creating long term fans over short term profits. Bringing Fans First to the world will take time, bring challenges and new forms of adversity that we never imagined. It definitely will not be easy, but it will be worth it.

We will continue to live by the words on the back of our Fans First Playbook, “Be patient in what you want for yourself, but be impatient in how much you give to others.” If we live by this mentality, everything else will take care of itself.

Download the Fans First Playbook at Fans First U and check out more from the Savannah Bananas Here