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Blog 151 – The Fear Holding Us Back


This is the 151st blog I’ve written and I’ve yet to release one to the public. I’ve sent them to family, friends, employees and a few work colleagues but not out into the world.

I’ve written about marketing, leadership, customer service, standing out and winning in business and in life. I’ve written based on conversations, observations, and experiences that I’ve had. These have all inspired me to write. To share and to put out there.

But I haven’t. I’ve held back. But why?

I feel everyone has this internal struggle before they put themselves out there.

It’s being scared. It’s being uncomfortable. It’s fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of perception. Fear of criticism. Fear of what’s to come.

You can either let this fear grow and keep holding you back. Or you can go for it and just put yourself out there.

The greatest things that have ever happened in my life have happened because I put myself out there. I went for it.

I took a job out of college with arguably the worst performing college summer baseball team in the country. I proposed in a yellow tuxedo to our Director of Fun in front of a Sold Out Crowd. And years later I went all in on a new team and decided to name it after a fruit.

Fear was there for all these. But that didn’t stop me.

So this is changing today. This will be the first blog released.

And there’s more to come. We are just getting started.

Welcome to Find Your Yellow Tux.