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Purpose over Passion

Everyone talks about their passion. But passion changes. And sometimes frequently. I was passionate about playing baseball and then I was passionate about coaching. As I moved into my career, I was passionate about running a baseball team and then running multiples teams. My passion now has changed to writing a book, speaking and hosting a podcast.

This passion will change again. But my purpose is rooted in making an impact and a difference in people’s lives.

While I didn’t know it at first, that’s been my guiding light throughout my professional career. The platform may change but my purpose doesn’t.

How can I make the greatest impact on the greatest amount of people. To take it one step further, how can I inspire people to stand out and live their best life.

Purpose is the true motivator, not passion. Passion is fun and sexy while purpose is the driver.
We need to stop believing passion will help us reach our goals. It’s an ingredient but it’s not the base.

Find purpose first and combine that with passion and you become unstoppable.
It’s not just about what you love and what matters to you. It’s why you exist. It’s the one thing you can be the best at.

How do you find it? Look at all the things you’ve been passionate about throughout your life. What do they have in common? Why do they matter to you?

This is your purpose. This is your starting point. Now the path will become clear.