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My Innovation Stack – Top Books on Innovation

What are the best business books you’ve read on Innovation and Reinvention? Here is my Innovation Stack.

I’ve read all of these books numerous times and have come back to them repeatedly during this Pandemic.

Some amazing thinkers, authors and speakers in this group. They’ve influenced me to always think differently, question the way things have been done and challenge the status quo. I believe that’s the only way to thrive these days.

For me the first book I read on Innovation was “Innovation on Demand” by Allen Fahden. He developed this mindset in me. Then I immediately studied PT Barnum with the epic book “There’s a Customer Born Every Minute” by Joe Vitale. From there I went to Seth Godin and becoming a Purple Cow myself and with our teams became an ongoing quest.

Over the past two years, Friction by Jeff Rosenblum and Disruption Mindset by Charlene Li has helped clarify our message.

Reading “The Reiventors” Jason Jennings brought forth numerous A-Ha moments and developed a great relationship between us. I am still in shook by his sudden passing this year.

This year I’ve also become a big fan of Josh Linkner – Innovation Keynote Speaker.

Now I’m just waiting for the first book by Duncan Wardle as he is one of the best innovators out there as well.