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Larry Winget – Stop Caring About What Other People Think

Winget is the author of six New York Times/Wall Street Journal bestsellers and hosted the television series Big Spender on A&E for two seasons. He has appeared on several television shows including Tool Academy, Crowd Rules and Dr. Phil. He has appeared in two PBS specials, two CNBC specials of The Millionaire Inside and is a regular on many national news shows on CNBC, MSNBC, FOX Business Network and FOX News.

Key Takeaways:

“People have had their core values just collapse and that’s why we’re facing all the issues that we are right now… It’s because we don’t have core values of honesty and integrity. We don’t do the right thing. We’re doing the convenient thing and what serves us best instead of what serves others best and adds value to their lives. And that’s where success comes from”

“Words are not enough. You gotta live it every single day in the way that you provide service and in your products.”

“You already have a brand. Your brand is what your customers say about you behind your back!”

“I realized what makes me happiest is me doing my best…I know that if my goal is to be the very best I can possibly be, then I will bring excellence to the marketplace and if I serve others through that excellence, that’s how I take care of me.”

“I just always figured, why not me? Nothing I was ever really willing to try to do, was going to kill me. Nobody ever died asking for the sale.”

“Here’s what I discovered, people don’t listen to what you have to say, don’t even believe what you have to say. But they always listen to see if you believe what they have to say.”

“I don’t think you’re any good for anybody else until you’re first good for yourself.”

“Dreams don’t come true, plans come true…. I’m not going to invest in a dream, I’ll invest in a plan.”

“The biggest enemy of success is success.”

“If you really are searching out somebody to work with you or mentor you…know that you have to offer them something”

“One of the keys to wealth…[figure] out how to leverage other people’s markets and other people’s knowledge. I think that’s when we will all win.”

“Being memorable makes you stand out in business and in life…Never go any place where they won’t remember you were there.”