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Joey Coleman – The First 100 Days | Ep. 132

For over a decade, Joey Coleman has helped organizations retain their best customers and turn them into raving fans through his entertaining and actionable keynotes, workshops, and consulting projects. As a recognized expert in customer experience design and an award-winning speaker at national and international conferences, Joey specializes in creating unique, attention-grabbing customer experiences. He works with companies ranging from small start-ups to mid-size businesses, to large Fortune 500s.

Joey’s First 100 Days® methodology helps fuel successful customer experience endeavors at companies and organizations around the world. It’s a system designed to dramatically increase your customer retention and, as a result, your bottom line.

Joey Coleman – Connecting with the Right Customers?

As a consumer, one of the first things Joey and most people look at when they go to a website is the price. How much is this going to cost? Guess what, if it’s out of your budget, it’s out of your budget. That’s ok, you have two choices, go find more money or go find someone else.

“What you get is what you see. There’s no secrets it’s all out there.  The good the bad and the ugly and everything in between.” – Joey Coleman on speaking

Joey put on his website, this is what it costs to hire me to speak. He realized it might be out of some people’s budget. As much as he would like to connect with everyone, if someone is not going to be a good fit for his business, he doesn’t want to waste his time or their time.

“If you really want to succeed, you have to be creating personal and emotional connections with your customers.” – Joey Coleman

An Aha Moment Born from Joey’s Undergrad Studies

Joey Coleman was running an ad agency and he was helping a client drive clients to a new area of their business and as quickly as they were bringing them in the front door, they were running out the back. He could get the phones to ring and get the customers to come but the client could not retain them for longer than an initial engagement. He discovered this was a pervasive problem across all industries. Somewhere between 20-70% of customers would leave before they reached the 100 day anniversary.

During undergrad studies, Joey took a class called ‘government and international relations’ where they focused on the president. Today, everyone focuses on the first 100 days of the presidency in determining what the next 4 years are going to look like.  The same holds true for business.

“There is nothing that will give you a better insight into the lifetime value of a customer than the first 100 days. – Joey Coleman

Final Four

2. What have you done differently in your life to stand out?

“I’ve always been willing to do the next thing. I didn’t leave a job because I hated it, I left it because I found a job that I loved more.”

3. What advice would you give someone starting out in business?

“Trust your gut. Human beings are good and decent people who know what the right choice is.”

3. The best advice you have ever received?

“My wife reminds me regularly that I need to sleep more. It’s a lot easier to be creative when you’ve had a good night’s sleep.”

4. How do you want to be remembered?

“As somebody who always tried their best even if it didn’t work out. Be a good person who tried his best.”

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