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Erik Seversen – Ordinary to Extraordinary | Ep. 130

Erik Seversen is a successful entrepreneur who’s learned how to be successful through his life-long adventures. He’s ridden a motorcycle across the US, been to over 80 different countries, climbed mountains and lived with a remote tribe in the Amazon. He’s now the founder of Innovative Educational Services Group, a language entrepreneurial coaching service. He shares his stories through his writing and speaking. His new book, ‘Ordinary to Extraordinary’ comes out in July 2018.

“You’re defined by your own actions.” – Erik Seversen

Erik Seversen – Current Excitement

Erik was recently hired by a client to help him with one interview, he wound up getting the job, liked his few sessions with Erik and now Erik coaches him once per week!  What’s exciting to Erik is the fact he’s an intelligent guy, English is his second language and he’s working in IT  here in the States. Erik thinks he can take him to a whole new level with a few new techniques. Just thinking about helping him has got Erik really excited right now.

“One of the biggest things that has happened in my life is having to overcome fear.” – Erik Seversen

Start Me Up

Erik’s adventures began by taking advantage of doors that were opened for him. His first opportunity came at 18 when he wanted to ride his bike from Tacoma, Washington to Santa Barbara, California. His parents let him go with a guy a little older than him and gave him two weeks to cover the distance.

“No matter how bad something seems, something good is going to come of it.” – Erik Seversen

His companion made it to the border of Oregon and California, unfortunately, he had to return home for military reserve duty. Erik continued the last 100 miles on his own. He discovered that being alone, meeting new people and being afraid at times turned out to be a really great feeling. There was so much more than was in his backyard and he wanted more. This began his taste for adventure and he’s not done yet.

Final Four

  1. What have you done differently in your life to stand out?

“Wearing the red pants of course and John Berger’s book, ‘The Ways of Seeing’. Any single thing I look at I try and look at from multiple perspectives.”

  1. What makes someone stand out in business or in life?

“Passion and focus. You have to be passionate but don’t get distracted chasing coins.”  

  1. What’s the best advice you’ve received?

“Take time to think and don’t let negativity affect you.”

  1. How do you want to be remembered?

“Someone who is genuine and believes what he does and pushing boundaries.”

To hear how Erik Seversen hitchhikes from London to Zaire, survives a gun in his mouth and more adventures, download and listen to the show!

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