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Dream Big & Share It With The World – Selling Out Fenway Park

Growing up south of Boston, the Red Sox were everything to me and Fenway Park was a magical place. My Dad took me there often as a kid and I vividly remember walking up the steps and seeing the field for the first time.

When I was five years old, I was able to be the Bat Boy for the Red Sox at Fenway Park.  I was able to meet Roger Clemens, Wade Boggs, Jody Reed and even sit next to Lee Smith here in the dugout. Fifteen years later, I had the opportunity to pitch at Fenway in an All-Star game.

Even today Fenway Park still has that mystique to me and I’ve never stopped dreaming of opportunities at the stadium.

The next dream for me is for the Savannah Bananas the play a game at Fenway in front of a sold out crowd.

My Dad taught me as a kid to swing hard in case you hit it.  This is definitely a big swing for us, a team that started as a college summer team that only sold a handful of tickets to start.

But I believe 100% that it will happen. In fact, in my recent keynote speech, I told the audience that we would sell out Fenway Park within 5 years.

Dreaming big and having a vision for the future is everything.

As we prepare for our next steps to take the Bananas on our “World Tour”, I continue to visualize and write down these big dreams.

I can’t wait to see when this next big dream comes true and see the picture of me with our entire team in the dugout 35 years later.

I can see the headlines now:  Fenway Goes Bananas. Sold Out Crowd Watches Savannah Bananas Play Banana Ball.

The first step is writing it down and sharing it with the world.

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