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Does the Media Care About You?

What’s the story of your business? Why did you start it? What makes you different? If these answers aren’t that compelling, the media won’t care about you.

But why is it so important for the media to care and want to do stories about you? It’s simple: if you aren’t interesting enough to the media, the chances are that your customers won’t be interested in you either.

The media does not want to cover a business that’s the same as everyone else. They want a story. Stories sell to the public. They sell to your customer as well.

When you are thinking about promoting your business or marketing a product, you need to ask, “Would the media care?” “ Is it unique, different or interesting in any way?” “What makes it special?”

The most successful companies have all figured this out. Toms Shoes wasn’t just a shoe company. It was a company that had a purpose to donate a pair of shoes for every pair sold. Once people heard about this story, the media came running and took care of all their marketing. They became a billion-dollar brand.

If you are “just” a law firm, a dentist, or a construction company, what makes you different? Would the media ever think to do a story on you?

If not, you are fighting an uphill battle competing with everyone else.

The best way to look at your business is as a reporter. What stories do you want to cover and why? Once you realize this, writing the story for your business becomes a lot easier. While it may be very sobering at first, understanding this media angle will be a game changer for your marketing and your business.

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