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Clarity of Purpose

Clarity of Purpose
(Written on August 23rd, the day Emily Cole and I found out we were having a baby.)

I believe we are all in a search for purpose. Throughout the journey, we search for clarity. What is our real purpose? Is it about us or is it truly about other people?

I’ve been on this search for years from a business standpoint. I’ve tried to unite my personal purpose but I’ve been challenged to say the least. It always just seems so self serving.

Today I saw first hand clarity of purpose. Today, my wife and I found out we are having a baby. As I looked into her eyes, I’ve never seen such a deep sense of purpose. As she cried, I became emotional seeing this amazing woman who has sacrificed herself for others her entire life, now prepare for one of the biggest sacrifices.

This is Clarity of Purpose.

More than anything, this is true purpose. What could be more powerful than bringing life into this world? What possibly could be more selfless? What could possibly have a greater impact?
Spending that moment with Emily put everything into perspective.

Emily’s purpose wasn’t just to bring a child into this world. It’s to be an amazing mother that now provides purpose to someone else. To someone that didn’t even exist but now will make a difference in the world.

From the outside this may look like Day 1 of Emily’s purpose. But this has been with her since the day she was born. It started with her parents raising her, to becoming the older sister to her three brothers. It continued as she grew up and was there for her friends and then to her employees and taking care of her husband. Yup, I’ve needed it as much as anyone.

But now the pursuit of purpose starts a new chapter. And possibly the most fulfilling one. For the rest of her life, Emily now has the ability to do what I believe she was put on this earth to do.
To our child, I believe you are now the luckiest person in the world. But to Emily, she is by far the luckiest person in the world. And you provided that to her.

That is true purpose.

When you have clarity of purpose, you can achieve anything.