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Find Your Yellow Tux:

How To Be Successful by Standing Out

Whether in schools, factories, or corporate offices, people are in a mad rush to the middle, going about their business and fitting in. The problem
is, while you may feel as if you’re doing your own thing, you’re not—you’re doing what’s expected of you. To stand out, take whatever you think is
normal, and do the exact opposite.

In Find Your Yellow Tux, Jesse Cole, in-demand speaker and baseball ringleader, shares how you can achieve amazing things by doing
the unexpected. Using examples from his life and the lives of his heroes—P. T. Barnum, Walt Disney, and MLB promoter Bill Veeck— Cole shows how to reinvigorate your goals, reignite your passions, and excel in business and beyond.

The time to break the mold is now—with Find Your Yellow Tux, you’ll discover how to find joy and success in everything you do.

“Jesse is a fearless, bold, and wildly innovative entrepreneur, and his story teaches valuable lessons for anyone wanting to succeed in business and in life. Find Your Yellow Tux is truly a textbook on success. I highly recommend it!”

– Joe Calloway, author of Be The Best At What Matters Most

“You should not only read this book, but you should also live by this great life source by Jesse Cole. This book is a roadmap to happiness and success, and it will change your routines from ‘not productive’ to ‘amazing.’ If you want to achieve things you might never have thought possible, it’s time you put on your yellow tux!”

– Tim Connor, global speaker and best-selling author

“From the minute I picked up Find Your Yellow Tux, I knew it was something special. Jesse is a born storyteller, and his story will inspire anyone to stop standing still and start standing out.”

– Pat Williams, Orlando Magic Senior Vice President and author of Coach Wooden’s Forgotten Team

“I’ve worked with leaders and business owners all over the world, and Jesse is a leader who stands out. Find Your Yellow Tux is a must-read. Not only does it share Jesse’s amazing story, but it also paves the way for leaders to create their own path. Read it and start standing out today!”

– Jon Gordon, best-selling author of The Energy Bus and The Carpenter