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Blog – Win at Every Touch Point

Great customer service wins at every touch point. It’s not just one great gesture. It’s the anticipation at every step.

Yogi Berra said it best “You can observe a lot just by watching.”

Great customer service cultures are constantly listening and watching their customers. They try to be a step ahead of their needs. That’s how businesses win for the long term.

We recently had an amazing experience at the Hampton Inn in downtown Wilmington. They had just opened in the last year and they were on their game. From the valet service, to the receptionist, to the house keeping, they blew us away.

I found out that they all had received six months of training before they even opened the hotel. Corporate valued their training so much that they had the entire staff on payroll for six months without bringing in a dime.

That’s commitment to the customer experience and that’s how you win.

Here are some of the examples from our stay: When we walked into the hotel the woman at the check in noticed my water bottle was empty so she handed me a new one.

I then asked about cookies and they proceeded to make a ton of cookies right then and there as they knew we had a big group.

Every time I walked past a housekeeper they greeted me with a big smile and welcomed me.

As we left that evening to go to a restaurant, the woman at the desk shared that the rain was going to pick up and suggested some closer restaurants for us.

Nothing mind blowing. But all of the employees were ahead of the game.

The valet even took it up a notch. The next morning they had our cars ready before we left. We walked down and the AC was on in the cars and they had waters waiting for us. They even walked around and opened the door for my wife.

Impressive. And that was the last impression as we left and it left a lasting impression.

It wasn’t that difficult. It was just being attentive and caring about your guests.

How can your business look at every touch point? What’s your first impression and last impression? That’s how you win. They cared and they didn’t miss a beat. You can do the same.

What does your perfect customer experience look like? Draw it up, map it out and now get to work.